Squirreled® for Apple TV, Watch, iPhone, and iPad is a fun arcade style adventure math game for all ages available now on the iTunes App Store

Squirreled® Combines Learning with fun

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Now available on the Apple TV with MFi controller support! Very excited to announce in the upcoming update, local co-op multiplayer that allows you to use up to 2 MFi supported game controllers (or use 1 along with the Apple remote) to play with your friends or family! 

Life as a Squirrel can be exciting!

With winter approaching, you must help Squirrel and friends on an adventure collecting acorns while helping the gang retrieve shiny locket pieces from the sharp eyed bird! Have fun dodging cars and lawnmowers, outwitting gophers, cats, and busy ants, as you leap through trees, explore backyards, rivers…Wait, this is a math game?!

Gameplay is simple: Tap acorns to crack them in 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 to collect the goals for the round. As rounds increase, the goals increase so the game is never boring. Options include choosing a character from 4 girl and 4 boy squirrels, 3 difficulty settings, and Game Center support. Stay sharp on the go with the included Apple Watch app. Fun for all ages 4+. Squirreled® math game combines learning with fun! Read the reviews!


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